January 26, 2017


Jonathan, my son-in-law  and Susie, my daughter and their two children, Hubbard, age 3  and Rhoda, age 2, live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

Jonathan is listening to NPR as he drives Hubbard to school each day.  Jonathan has no idea that Hubbard is listening to the radio. 

NPR like everyone else has virtual non-stop coverage of Trump.

Here is the unprompted conversation  with Hubbard over the pst couple days which Jonathan just shared with me. 


Hubbard reacting to hearing conversation yesterday

"I wouldn't want to go see Donald Trump".

Today after an NPR story about immigration, Hubbard:

"I'm tired of hearing about Donald Trump. That man (announcer) is talking to Donald Trump  (to tell him) to be nice. 

Probably he will direct him".

"I don't think Donald Trump will come here. Probably we have nice presidents in the mountains". 

Jonathan tells us that he has not been discussing this with Hubbard other than the other day responding to his comment saying briefly that Trump isn't nice to people.


This captures one of my deepest worries about the Trump presidency. The example he sets. The way young people pick things up.  

Yet, this little piece of dialogue shows what is possible and necessary. How values and responsibility align for parents and all of us to affirm in teaching moments what is good and right.

And if affirms the natural goodness of children.

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