June 25, 2016

What I Wouldn’t Want to Have Failed to Say

1.     Source of every great success – visionary leadership, strategy, execution, teamwork, helping people grow, values, learning unbounded commitment to excellence and winning.

Three Cs which describe people I admire:  “competence, character (integrity, courage), caring.”

The role of leadership we should play in any is situational, geared to answer the question:  How do I best serve mission?

2.     Never forget why you do what you do:  the purpose of the place.  Mission moments.  Economic efficiency is not a substitute for the inspiration of purpose. 

3.     Importance of Trust and Relationships – “If it weren’t for them.”  
Our greatest legacy is our impact on others.
“Everyone Counts.”

4.     It all comes down to People and Values.  Always try to do the right thing.  Live up to your own personal expectations as well as you can.  You’ll never do it perfectly.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t take your demands too lightly.  What I Ask of Those Who Work for Me:  “Tell me what you think.  Act on what you believe to be true.”

5.     Life will be a mix of ups and downs, victories and setbacks.  Never feel sorry for one’s self.  Never give up.  The power of self-fulfilling expectations—for better or worse.

6.     Don’t confuse the means with the end.  Beware of management by bumper sticker. 

7.     My 3 North Stars:  Service, Leadership, Growth.

8.     Role of faith in my life.  Get outside myself.

9.     Family:  Source of energy, confidence.  Has to come first.


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